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Apr. 21st, 2011

to the light


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Apr. 12th, 2011

bodies in motion

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What: Continuing from meme. Basically, Jasmine/Axel porn. My second time at smut tags oh god.

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Jan. 5th, 2011


Application, Disney Academy.

Name: Apparently Kitty
Journal: sokonau
Contact Info: AIM: Indecisive Kitty
Other Characters: I can link you to a muselist! But none here.

Character Info
Name: Lea ‘Axel’ Ashford
Movie/series: Kingdom Hearts
Year/Position:2nd year college
Non-Speaking Animal Companion(if any): none.
Powers(if any): Pyrokinesis, can form portals that allow him to travel through corridors of darkness. Can throw things that are somewhat in a disk shape (His Chakrams, frisbees, etc) and have them boomerang back at him despite it defeats many laws of physics.

Canon history: http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Lea#Story for Lea
http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Axel#Story for Axel.

AU history: Lea Ashford was raised in Radiant Garden, had a bff named Isa, all that remains the same. He was just a regular kid for the longest time looking for entertainment and a way to connect to people, have them all remember him so he can be immortal in the minds of others. Everything was pretty much how it should be in his mind but, sadly things got sidetracked while he was visiting around the edge of Agrabah (a favourite vacation spot of his because of the warm weather) just around the same time the mist started appearing in that area. Lea got caught in it.

The Black Mist tends to change people and Axel is no exception. During the time he spent in there (He’s not sure how long exactly. Minutes, days, years? He lost track.) the isolation and wandering through never ending darkness around him had done some harm to his psyche. It somewhat altered his emotions so they were a lot more subdued with the exception of his anger and also put things in perspective for him in a somewhat twisted way, losing a few of the more human emotions like guilt and fear of death. However once the Mist cleared, he was left alone and with the realisation that he wasn’t Lea anymore. Lea was swept away with the mist and now lost. Thus, he became Axel, who was more of a living memory than his own person and stumbled out to find somewhere he could go.

Then he found that letter to an academy.

Personality: Brash, cocky, arrogant. Axel is a mix of a lot of things but his speech tends to say the same with a certain smug tone that shows pretty much nothing but confidence and a bit of condescension with that little catch phrase of his. He is a bit of an enigma, making connections here and there, sometimes with promises and lies, but in no means making anything like loyalties right off the bat. While a person may trust him, it’s quite hard for him to do the same in return. However, once you do gain his trust, his loyalty is unwavering to the point that he will kill if asked (Saix sending him to Castle Oblivion with the mission to get rid of the traitors for example.) Yet, while that trust is there, he is not so devote to it that he will turn a blind eye to something he doesn’t agree to and will quickly sever the bond (When he leaves the Organization). In fact, during each new segment of the game, it seems that his personality will take drastic changes from one version to the other. It is because certain things in his environment (like Roxas) will change his outlook and will change how prominent his emotions are.

His personality takes influence from his ‘former life’ Lea, who was an energetic and cocky kid, willing to get into a bit of a rumble with his amazing frisbees (no seriously. That was his weapon of choice) but quick to make friends along the way. Lea had this ideal of living forever within the hearts of people, because when you make an impression on someone’s life, you won’t be forgotten, no matter what time does to the body. It was a radiance in himself that shone outward and touched the hearts of people and he was able to enjoy life with a laugh and a big grin.

Sadly, things tend to change.

Because of being exposed to the mist, any true emotions that were a part of his personality don’t seem as apparent and he appears rather indifferent about things, despite the continuing jokes and smiles. It almost appears as if he is putting up a front and he was continuing with his old personality but it was more like a shell because the grins seem cold and the laughs are a bit hollow, possibly masking some deeper intentions while hiding behind the talk and wit.

While mostly indifferent with his emotions, when he feels betrayed or loses something of value to him, he can lose his temper similar to a rampaging fire. There are a few human emotions that he holds close to him, specifically his close companions and friends. If one of them walks away or he loses them somehow, that’s the best way to get him angry. When fighting, he recklessly puts his entire being into it, without much care for his own well being in the end and will put far more strength into it than necessary. When the fight ends, he ends up exhausted and passes out from over exertion.

Axel is living of a memory of Lea because it’s the only way he can feel he can connect again but, deep down, Lea’s personality is still there, especially seen in Axel’s somewhat desperation in gaining and maintaining a solid companionship. When around people that he trusts, he shows genuine enjoyment for their company and some of that brightness that Lea portrayed can show through the mask that Axel has created for himself.

Greatest Fear: Loneliness from what I’ve gathered of his character, based off of his almost instant acceptance of gaining friendship with Roxas and Xion. During Birth by sleep and when he was a somebody, he seemed very close with Isa but, there’s a significant difference between Isa and Saix’s personality, not to mention his demeanour towards Axel. It seemed as though Saix has embraced his new rank and new life as an emotionless nobody while Axel was being left behind and holding onto a figment of the friendship that Lea and Isa shared. Saix takes advantage of the fact that Axel still does cling to those memories of their previous friendship as well, giving Axel certain orders that he goes through willingly, even going as far to take out other members of the Organization. Hence why he jumped towards gaining a friendship with a clueless Roxas because he wasn’t understanding the concepts of not having a heart and there’s figments in their conversations that could reminisce Lea and Isa’s friendship from what we saw of them in Birth by Sleep.
What are your plans with this character?: bring him in, let him observe the social scenes and make friends. Well, the friend making will come later after he makes connections and bonds first. It’s a roleplay, my plans are to have fun! The details will come during gameplay.

Third person writing sample:

Waking up with a start, the red head bolted upright and glanced around franticly at the unfamiliar surroundings. A bed, dresser and nothing distinguishing or shows an ounce of personal style or use except for his boots that were in the corner on the floor.

Right. He was now at the fabled academy.

The same scenario always played in the back of his mind when he slept, images of that boy, Lea and nothing but darkness after that. Why then? Why did it happen to that boy who is now gone? Having time to himself where he can think never seemed to bode well. It just lead to twisted ideas and strange conclusions about himself. It was like a philosophical epiphany to him the idea that he was some entity from the Mist that only had the memories of someone who was gone rather than he was once Lea and was psychologically altered slightly due to being exposed to it.

It was more upsetting to him that despite all this and the connections that he had to the events that transpired, Axel found himself simply not caring.

He was more interested with the fact that he severely needed to decorate the room.

Axel snorted as he lifted himself from bed, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand and he left the confines of his room. He needed to get some air and come to accept that he wasn’t going to get much sleep anymore.

First person writing sample: Man, when they say castle in the sky, they weren’t kidding.

[video feed starts and all you see is green eyes, red hair and two tear drop tattoos under each eye. Kinda looks like a clown, doesn’t he? Like the one that sometimes shows up in your nightmares or one that might have escaped prison judging from those tattoos and the ragged clothes with nothing else.]

Sorry for dropping in unannounced but, things can happen that just can’t be avoided. The name’s Axel. You might wanna commit it to memory cuse it looks like I’m staying here for a while so I can get back up on my feet.

Now, does anyone want to help the new guy out and offer a little tour of the place?

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